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Product Support

For questions or issues related to our Products, Website or App, Please email us at support@mealthy.com or call us at 1-800-281-0146.

Wholesale Inquiries

For all domestic and international wholesale inquiries, please send an email to zac@mealthy.com. Please note that we do not wholesale to other amazon sellers.

Media Enquiries

For all media inquiries, as well as questions about parterships or the Mealthy Inner Circle, please contact marketing at anna@mealthy.com

Social Media

About Mealthy

What is Mealthy?

Mealthy is a social community and resource for food lovers like you. Our goal is to inspire home cooks with amazing recipes, healthy tips and tricks, shareable online videos, and create a space for cooks to engage and share.

We are passionate about making cooking healthy, easy, and fun. With that in mind, we design high-quality and easy-to-use kitchen appliances specifically for you.

Join the Mealthy Movement!

Joining the Mealthy Movement is simple; sign up and engage with us on our social media channels, our website, and our app! We are here to help you solve your cooking challenges with great recipes, fantastic and fun videos, and smart products.

Mealthy Core Values

  • Cooking should be healthy, easy, and fun.

  • Offer our community solutions to help cooks simplify their lives.

  • Bring an engaged and supportive community of fellow home cooks together.

  • Help our community find healthy alternatives and tips through outstanding recipes and products.
  • Provide impeccable customer service.

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